Due to the important and stable nature of medical occupations, lenders often cater to professionals with increased loan capacity, fee waivers and several other benefits.

Being considered a low-risk borrower puts you in a unique position to get exclusive offers on your home loan from the deposit stage throughout the life of your loan.


Medical professionals can unlock mortgages with exclusive rates where the bank waives the requirement for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Additionally, Medical professionals may be able to borrow 90–100% of the property price (or LVR – Loan to Value Ratio) with LMI waived.


We provide mortgages to doctors in various unique employment circumstances, whether they practise through sole trading, within a corporate structure, through short-term locum work, in complex income structures including trusts, or by recently becoming self-employed as a visiting medical officer (VMO). Regardless of your situation, we have the expert knowledge to find the right loan solution for you.

Our goal is to streamline the entire loan process. That’s why we provide access to Solicitors and Accountants that specialise in the medical profession to ensure you find a loan that fit your unique needs. We can also assist with refinancing your existing home loans and ensure they are correctly structured for long-term investment success.


Mortgage Doctors understand that in order to deliver the best care to their patients, medical professionals need to regularly update their practice’s equipment. We work with you to finance specialised medical equipment & technologies – big or small – such as dental devices, electronic medical equipment, large scanners, diagnostic equipment, treatment equipment and more.


We also can help finance other supplies associated with running your practice, including IT equipment and furniture such as computers, printers, phones, fixtures, fittings and waiting room furniture, and create a repayment plan that works within your budget.

A property loan is likely the highest expense associated with setting up your own medical practice. Our consultants are here to make the process easier and as cost-effective as possible, whether you are purchasing a strata-titled medical suite or a freehold commercial property for your medical business.


A property loan is likely the highest expense associated with setting up your own medical practice. Our consultants are here to make the process easier and as cost-effective as possible, whether you are purchasing a strata-titled medical suite or a freehold commercial property for your medical business.


Mortgage Doctors can also assist with building your property and wealth portfolio with other commercial properties outside your business including office, retail and industrial properties.

Furthermore, we can help refinance any existing commercial property loans you may have.


Mortgage Doctors can also assist with Construction Loans and help build the perfect practice that suits the needs of you and your patients.


Whether you are purchasing an existing medical business, expanding an existing one, or seeking cash flow to generate more business, Mortgage Doctors can provide the right loan structure for you. The team at Mortgage Doctors can also lift the burden of day-to-day expenses by providing access to loans such as overdraft facilities, goodwill loans and many more. These options can provide instant access to funds, ensuring a prosperous path for your business.


Mortgage Doctors can provide you with a range of loan and lease options for business vehicles, private vehicles, and ambulances. Let us look after the finance while you focus on finding the vehicle that’s right for your practice.


How do I know if I am eligible for a medical home loan?

Your eligibility for a medical home loan will depend on your ability to meet criteria such as medical profession, income and professional affiliations. Some medical professionals are not able to get access to mortgage benefits including nurses and midwives, among others. The best way to check your eligibility is to get in touch with us for a consultation.

Why do lenders offer special deals to medical practitioners?

Lenders need to protect themselves against the possibility of default by their borrowers. By reputation, medical professionals are considered far less likely to default on their mortgage than other borrowers. Many banks are prepared to reward medical professionals for their occupation in the form of a favourable lending policy.

Can I buy an investment property with a medical mortgage?

You can use a medical home loan for an investment property or an owner-occupied property, as well as for buying your first home. However, generally lenders have stricter eligibility requirements for investment loans compared to owner-occupied home loans.

What additional documents are required to apply for a medical home loan?

Along with the standard documentation required to support your home loan application, lenders require proof of employment as a medical practitioner before offering you a medical home loan.

Can I use the First Home Owners Grant as part of my deposit?

Yes, your deposit can come from a number of sources including the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG). With home loans, there is typically a requirement for a genuine 5% of savings to be used, although in some circumstances this may be waived.

What special offers are available to me besides the LMI waiver?

With a medical home loan, you can unlock loans specifically designed for medical professionals like variable mortgages with package discounts and fixed rate mortgages with offset and redraw options. The interest rates on medical mortgages are also very competitive.

What is my minimum deposit as a medical professional?

For medical professionals, the maximum amount you can borrow is higher than for general borrowers. There are lenders that are prepared to offer home loans with as little as 0–10% deposit with no LMI, at their most competitive rates.

Will I still qualify for the LMI waiver if I purchase a property with my partner / spouse who is not a medical professional?

Eligibility for the LMI waiver does not require both borrowers to be employed in the medical profession. So long as one of the parties meets the eligibility criteria, then you can both access this mortgage benefit.